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With the increasing competition in the online world, the competition to be on top has also increased. So, it’s become a necessity for companies to move towards the paid advertising mode in order to reach their potential customer. Pay Per Click is considered as the most authentic and powerful form of advertising which can be used by the company to do this. The success of PPC lies in achieving the need of the customer.

The total searches on Google now exceed over 1 billion per day and that are the humongous number of people who are looking for both information as well as the commercial products or services to satisfy their needs.

PPC Search | PPC Display | Which is Better?

Pay Per Click can be divided into two segments i.e. Search Marketing and Display Marketing.

The PPC or Pay Per Click search marketing starts when your potential customer type a keyword in the search box of the search engine, it can be both a single word or a long phrase of keywords. After this, they are allowed to choose between the number of results shown on SERP and have the option to click on relevant ads which have been displayed either on the top or right-hand side of the search engine shown related to that keyword entered.

Clicking on this type of advertisement will take them to the page, which contains the information related to the user’s query or the things they are interested in. Depending on the content of the page the user can be converted into the potential customer from there. This could lead to conversion immediately or later.

On the other hand, Display Marketing directly contacts the potential customer by showing them the displays with text, animated content, or video advertisements which are related to the content of the webpage they are located. This is done to show the viewer ads related to their interest which is based on where they are on the web.

For instance, if your business offers services related to hospitality then it can be placed next to the articles on hotels. For mobile users, advertisements can appear on the relevant app. Hence, the market can be targeted according to the users intent or interest rather than on their direct search.

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PPC services in India will provide you the professional services of Google Ads account management, optimization, and advice from Google Ads specialists without spending higher prices. Our team of professionals will help you to get the best results from existing as well as new campaigns.

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At Clone Softech, PPC services in India we are the team of certified experts who can assist your brand with the best services in the market. We are a team with certifications from Google related to all its segments i.e. Adwords, Analytics, Mobile and display ads.

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At Clone Softech, the PPC company in India we provide services to all types of businesses. We don’t consider any business to be small or big, we provide our expertise according to your chosen budget or ads objectives.

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