Mistakes to avoid in marketing


Creating a successful marketing campaign is one of the most important tasks for the company’s growth. And with the day to day improvement of the digital world, it is becoming more complex than it ever was. Creating attractive and engaging content for your targeted consumers has not just remained as a part of your overall marketing strategy but has emerged as a necessity.


Today there is a large amount of creative content that is created by brands and marketing agencies on a daily basis with the sole objective to enhance their brand’s image to stand out in the competitive market. Even according to the report of  B2B Content Marketing 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends of Content Marketing Institute shows that the 91% of B2B marketers are utilizing content marketing as a crucial part of their strategy for attracting and retaining targeted customers. With this data, we can easily assume the inevitable role that content is going to play while you are creating your next marketing strategy.  


With this important role of content in marketing, most of the marketers ignore and forget the harsh reality that is associated with it i.e. the majority of content that is created by them is undoubtedly going to end up as a part of one or maybe two marketing campaign. And as the new marketing campaigns are evolving in the market so does the amount of creative content being created with them. With all this increasing competition, the chances of making mistakes by brands also increase eventually.

Considering this fact, as a marketer you need to be extra careful while creating a campaign for your brand. So, to help you with such condition here are 10 marketing campaign mistakes to avoid which will assist you to refine as well as develop a successful strategy in 2019.


1. Trying to impress everyone

As we have always heard the saying that you can’t please or impress everyone all the time and it’s our human nature that forces us to do just that. But what everyone doesn’t understand is that the key to finding success is to accept the truth in these golden words and have to understand that no matter how much you will try, your products/brand/services won’t be able to satisfy everyone needs and won’t be a right fit for every customer.  

So, rather than creating a campaign which should appeal to everyone it’s better to develop the marketing strategy which should help you to please and influence your target audience.


2. Losing the emotional connection with your Audience

Primary step of every marketing campaign is to target the right audience for their brand but after the next step is to find the best way & time to connect with them. Overall marketing is not just about the logical presentation of your data. Of course, you can explain your product features, how your product can satisfy their needs or why they should opt your brand in comparison to others, but all these logical presentations are unlikely to drive any action on your campaign.  

Instead, you have to create marketing campaigns which should establish an emotional connection between your brand and your targeted audience.

Of course, you can use all your logical presentation to sell your products & services but what you need to hook them is the emotional touch. Emotions are more likely to trigger action and hence can provide more conversion than logic.


3. Blindly Following the Marketing data

In today’s marketing landscape data plays an important role in building your strategy. And with the help of technology, we have now access to more data than ever with just a click. Utilizing this data to get insights into your targeted audience and to track the success of your campaign is a smart and necessary step. But like everything, using data also have its own pros and cons. And relying too much on that can be harmful to your campaign and you may set up yourself for failure.

The data that you are using may have certain limitations like not taking key metrics into their account. And it can even be biased towards one set of the group or maybe there are inaccuracies that you have to forget to consider. So, it’s better to consider all the facts and not just base your entire campaign on raw numbers only.


4. Ignoring to diversify your Marketing approach

As we all know marketing has many avenues and there is always something which is developing day by day. As a modern marketer, it’s our duty to put together all these avenues in one basket to get the best results. Creating a campaign considering only digital platform will limit the reach with your target audience. However, in today’s scenario digitalis may be a king (for some) but still old marketing techniques like print adverts have their own value which you should not ignore. So, it’s best to plan and budget a diverse marketing campaign according to both old as well as digital marketing, which is relative to your targeted audience and should be distributed across multiple channels where it makes sense to both brands as well as consumers.


5. Copying your Competitors

Marketing is a very competitive field, and observing something which goes right into success for your competitor may look tempting to copy. But doing this will not only fail your brand to have a competitive image in the market but also reinforce exactly what your competitor is doing right.

Instead of copying your competitor or may be trying to do better than them, just try to stand out. What things make your products or offering unique? How do you want to show your brand USP?

What is the core value proposition statement that you can offer to your customer?

Focusing on your core value offering and your unique product features can prove as a better long-term strategic play for your brand.


6. Minimizing your Campaign Budget

Finances play an inevitable role in your marketing campaign success, and utilizing a small budget may lead to earning you some kudos. But if your budget isn’t enough to market your products or brand service, then those kudos will be short-lived and will not enhance your business growth.

It’s always advisable to be realistic about the money that you are planning to invest which should match with money your campaign needs to become successful. And if things go according to plan than that money will automatically convert into much more. So, it’s better to know what you have to do, how much you need to invest and how you can ensure the best ROI for your campaign.


7. Not leveraging your Website

In today’s digital age your business website act as a digital image of your brand and is a necessity that you can’t ignore. So, it’s better to make sure that it is getting the true attention and attraction it deserves.

Your digital campaign should not only be focused on growing the social media presence of your brand, that it fails to maintain the company’s website, which should be both easy to navigate and fast to use. It should consider increasing the overall user experience and user interaction with your website as most of the marketing traffic will lead your targeted audience to your website. So, it’s necessary to make sure that your customer has an unforgettable experience once they get there.


8. Not tracking your Marketing campaign

Once you have launched your marketing campaign, you may feel a sense of relief and completion. But your work is just have done and isn’t completed yet.

Every campaign needs development along the way and the best way to enhance your campaign success rate is by tracking it. By tracking your campaign you can not only get to know about the adjustments which are needed to be done but also can figure out what is working and what’s not. For launching a successful marketing campaign it’s necessary to do both pre and post-launch analysis in order to get the desired results and completion of campaign objectives.


9. Giving up to early

One of the common mistake done by every marketer is giving up on a campaign too early. We, humans, have nature which craves us to get instant gratification, so if we don’t see the desired results as fast we’d like, we tend to give up on the same.

While implementing your marketing campaign you need to understand that it may not drive immediate action and you have to give it some time to garner its success. Pulling off a marketing campaign too early can lead to all of your hard work for naught. So, you have to let your marketing campaign breathe and plant it’s deeper roots of success.


10. Failing to utilize Reviewing and Approval process

With all these mistakes which you should avoid, the one mistake that is done by the maximum of marketers out there is not using the reviewing and approval process. The review and approval process can not only ensure the highest value for your brand but also for your clients & customers as well. It is a crucial part of your project management process which needs more strategic follow through than by simply checking off a box on the project timeline. Failing to properly review and approve content marketing materials for your website could result in errors, fines, embarrassing product recalls and can even lead to costly lawsuits.



Marketers can analyze and avoid these mistakes while creating & implementing their marketing campaigns with strategic planning and effective time management. And also you should stop yourself to get into the hustle and bustle of marketing content creation and ensuring project deadlines which forces you to rush a marketing campaign without considering these mistakes because the last thing that you want to deal with is a marketing campaign that is failing and not giving the desired results.