In today’s crazy digital edge digital marketing job is like a dream job for every digital nerd out there and as we all know there are so many of them. But what they don’t understand about this role is that every digital marketer needs to have a particular set of skills to excel in this field. This means keeping yourself updated and understanding every change in the online world and keeping yourself aware of how each social & digital channels operate as well as interact with others.

With the increasing technological firms around the world, it is not a difficult task for a talented digital marketer to make a six-figure salary and to have a flexible work schedule which allows them to work from home or even from any part of the world as a digital nomad. But if you want to become a true digital marketing expert in today’s competitive market then it is necessary that you should possess a diverse skill set which includes the knowledge of existing media channels, ability to blend creative and critical thinking to identify the upcoming opportunities, on top of the skills of an expert marketer.     

So, if you are looking for a new job in the digital marketing domain or planning to make a career change, or simply trying to leave your existing desk job to travel the world and work from there as a remote digital worker or just wanted to enhance your existing skills for your current digital marketing job, then here are the 10 vital skills that you need to possess in order to advance your digital career


1. Data analyzing skills

Data! Data! Data. Long gone those days when your marketing strategy was totally dependent on your ground sales guys and you have to make your strategies according to their market feedback. With current digital scenario, data is the new king support that allows you to make future marketing strategies and It doesn’t matter for which dimension of digital marketing you are going into, Analytics is going to be the central part of your overall strategy. Monitoring and reporting through such tools i.e. Google Analytics, Adobe analytics etc is quite easy but the tricky part is to understand and use the gathered data in order to assist the management to learn more about their targeted customer behavior so that it can be applied to boost the traffic and conversions.    


Most of the companies nowadays have a large amount of data to track and are in a need of the people who can not only gather or read this data but can also use it to enhance the future marketing strategy of the company which can lead to the growth of their lead conversions. As a digital marketer if you possess these skills and have the ability to think critically and know to implement innovative ways which can drive great results then you can become an eminent asset in the digital industry.




2. SEO & SEM

Search engine optimization (SEO), as well as Search engine marketing (SEM), is considered as the key factor for every digital marketing strategy and anyone who is planning to go in this field should possess at least the basic knowledge about these. It is not necessary that you should perform every technical aspect which is related to it as you can leave that part to the more tech-oriented people of the team. But having a solid base knowledge of both SEO & SEM can help any digital marketer to make a successful digital strategy for their company.


Also, both SEO & SEM assist you as a digital marketer to communicate about your overall digital strategy to other teammates based on data analysis and content level, so it won’t be possible for you to go far if you don’t make the point to learn at least the basics of it.


3. Designing skills

In today’s digital marketing world if the content is considered as the king then the visual type of content is considered as its USP. Digital content on every social platform becomes more engaging only when it is accompanied by great visual images or videos. So, as a digital marketer, it becomes a necessity for you to possess the designing skills to create or edit your own visuals.



Just think like this, If you can create your own image for your next banner ad, email banner or social media post in photoshop or any other visual designing tool then it’s one less person from whom you have to take help and one less step that you have taken to launch your next digital marketing campaign and of course one less person that your company have to hire.







4. Paid Social Media Advertising

What social media has promised when it was first started that it is going to be the free marketing tool which can provide a global earned reach to your brand. But then the game changed by Facebook as it’s “likes” gold rush comes to an end and now you have to pay to the collector who has collected your data and now wants to sell it back to you. To put it through let me tell you about the stats that have predicted that by 2018 there will be $30 billion spent on social advertising in 2018, making Facebook earning the majority of that.


In today’s social networking world the best way to reach your target audience is through social paid advertising as long gone those days when social reach was free on these platforms. Understanding and possessing the skills to write effective adds, copy-lengths and know hot to monitor bids to optimize your ads on these social platforms are going to be helpful for your career as a digital marketer.





5. Content Marketing

Content is the core part of every marketing strategy and this fact is going to be there no matter what happens. But content marketing is not only limited to understand how to create high-quality and SEO friendly content whereas it is more about creating content that can engage your target audience and can increase conversions with the same.


Content can’t be defined just as an article or blog post but it is important to understand it can take many forms such as video, emails, web content, e-books, whitepapers etc. As gaining this skillset as a digital marketer you should make yourself aware of all these types of content and know exactly when to use when and at which platform to achieve your client’s overarching business goals.




6. E-mail & Newsletter Marketing

In the number of blogs available online you can read this line- Is email marketing is on the verge of extension. But let me tell you it’s certainly not going to end so soon. Everyone still reads it and it is still considered as one of the most efficient ways to communicate your brand content to its target customers. Both email & newsletters can be utilized in a great way to extend the reach of your brand’s content.


Many will say that since the release of social media its value has decreased. But let me tell you Emails are still known to be as a trusted source when it comes to conveying information to your loyal and upcoming customers. So, as a digital marketer, it’s necessary for you to have email marketing & newsletter marketing skills to turn your next digital strategy into the victorious one.




7. Mobile Marketing

With the increasing mobile era in today’s world, it has surprised many marketers and has even left them shocked on how to catch up speed with the changing web market trend. Many of them were unprepared with this mobile explosion and are not ready to cope up with them. So, its become a necessity for every digital marketer to gain the skills of mobile marketing and use it efficiently as well as effectively to increase their brand presence on the mobile platform.


With the increasing mobile market, it’s necessary for a brand not just to have a presence on the web market but to create apps that can assist their clients to engage with them. Therefore there is a need to acquire this skill fast.







8. Influencer Marketing

With the increasing use of social media, there has been a trend for influencers who rule these platforms by posting content in different domains. For different brands, it’s a big opportunity to connect with such influencers to raise their product awareness among people and even to distribute or co-create engaging content.


Gaining this skill and understanding this process of connecting with these influencers through a tool like a tracker to find and interact with online influencers will assist you to be ahead of the game and even can save time as you can use them to promote your content in their network and advocate about your brand’s values.    






9. CMS & HTML Skills

With the increasing use of Content Management System (CMS) by the companies to develop their website it becomes necessary for every digital marketer to gain basic knowledge about them. According to the recent survey, about 95% of the total online website is powered through a CMS platform and around 60% of them are made through WordPress. Well, this is a very large number to persuade yourself to earn this skill as soon as possible.


HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is something which is used for every website creation and as a digital marketer primary work starts with their own website so it becomes essential to learn about this language and enhance the basic skill to make changes in the backend of the website which can result in increasing your digital marketing strategy.





10. Become Tech savvy

As we all know digital marketing is the field which belongs to the technology-driven industry. That’s why it’s become crucial for every digital marketer to keep themselves updated about the latest trends in the technological industry. You should maintain some decent grip on the latest technology and should be able to learn it quickly.


For the younger ones it quite easy to have this skill and gain knowledge about the new things in the technology but for the older ones in the field it can become quite difficult. But they have to ultimately put a bit of elbow grease to teach themselves not only about some specific technology but to get themselves familiar with the most used software and tools in the digital marketing world.   





A good digital marketing professional is someone who possesses the ability to adopt changes quickly and can learn on their own or even be ready to pivot into different digital fields as they choose or it is needed to quit the old skill which becomes less in demand. As a modern digital marketer you have to work with different clients and teams, so you should know how to communicate well and how to build a strong team to complete assigned tasks.   

While there are certain things that you can do become a proficient marketer but it is also necessary to sharpen your hard and soft skills on a regular basis. As Rand Fishkin describes in their blog about becoming a T-Shaped Marketer it’s necessary to gain knowledge about all things in your field but it is more important to gain expertise in few.