Social Media Marketing Well It’s time to become Social!

But are you using the right social media channel to connect with your potential customer?
What is Social media? How it can help your business grow? Which is the best social media platform out there?

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Why your Business need a Social Media Presence?

There are more than 1.3 billion people who are connected on Facebook, while there are 600 million people who are tweeting on Twitter. Moreover, Google+ has more than 200 million people using it to share their stories. However, there are still many other social media platforms as well. With the increasing technology, Social Media has emerged as the golden opportunity for every business to connect with their existing as well as prospective customers and interact with those who can act as your advocates and can shout loud about your brand.

It’s also very important to know that now it is also one of the crucial factors for ranking well on search engine. But due to it’s dynamic nature its become hard to keep up with every social media channel and even to realize which is the most important social media platform to start!

At Clone Softech, the Best Social Media Marketing Company in India has creative social media team of experts who have the desired experience to leverage your business profile- whatever the nature of your business.

How our Social Media Marketing India experts can help?

At Clone Softech, we make sure that your business social image should not fall into the #epicfail category or a part of “Top 10 Biggest Social Media Disasters” because we know what it means to you. That is the reason why we also won’t take the complete control of your accounts as we know your customers want to talk to you and obviously don’t want to listen to any pushy sales message from your marketing agency. As a part of our Social Media Marketing Services in India we provide assistance & guidance with:

Social Media Consultancy

We will always help to develop a social strategy based on your end objectives. It is possible that you already have an internal marketing team, who just require some advice, or you may want us to build your social presence from scratch. We’ll help you to find the perfect approach.

Business Brand Management

We consider your brand as our own brand and help your business to find & secure the best usernames and passwords across the channels. Our social experts always remain ready to guide you and to turn your problems into praise.

Social Voice & Behaviour

There are several ways in which businesses can use social media and it can have both positive & negative impacts on your overall image. At Clone Softech, we will be there to assist you find the right tone of voice and behaviour, making sure that your business is illustrated exactly in the way you want it.

Social Monitoring

Clone Softech, the Best Social Media Marketing Agency continuously research & analyze the social networks, providing you the complete knowledge about who’s talking about your business, what they are talking, and whether it’s positive or not. In this way, we ensure that you always remain ahead of conversation and ready to contribute whenever there is a need.

Social Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the necessities of the global era. It can help to improve your online presence or generate customers interest in your products. This could be achieved through promoted content on Twitter, Facebook or through Linkedin Ads or maybe through Pinterest, Instagram, or Pinterest Content.

Social PR

Our relationship & contacts with some of the authoritative publishers, bloggers, media houses & social influencers mean that we can assist to eliminate the gap between offline and online content which means your business can get the coverage it truly deserves.