Require Professional SEO Services But Why SEO? How SEO Helps?

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A successful SEO strategy constitutes and is made by combining the authority optimization, content optimization as well as the technical optimization. At Clone Softech, the Top SEO Services in Bhopal we have a team of professional experts for each of these techniques, who ensure that your website rank on top of SERPs and drives qualitative traffic on your website who can at last lead to higher potential conversions

Search Engine Optimization, But what it really means

Search engine optimization which is also known SEO, is the crucial part of the digital marketing and it is also not wrong if we call it as digital revolution. It’s a process of optimizing your company digital profile or website for search engines so that when your potential personas searches for similar products or services that you provide, they can find you. For every organic search of search engine where your company’s name pops up, it is going to give you a chance to enhance your traffic and convert potential leads.

With the increasing competition in the online market, the necessity of SEO or Professional Search Engine Optimization has emerged as the crucial part of online business. But as there are so many websites existing in the online market there are chances that your website may get invisible. SEO is the analytical strategy that prevents this from happening. Clone Softech is the Top SEO Company in Bhopal, which has the team of professional experts who use the latest tools and techniques according to the search engine algorithms to bring your website on the top of their results page. As there had been a lot of changes in SEO since its inception, the techniques that used to work before don’t work anymore. The team of SEO Company in Bhopal is well versed with these changes and adhere on the right track while doing SEO for your website.



This is the primary step of our SEO process in which we critically analyze your website and requirements and perform the competitive analysis to build the solid foundation of overall SEO strategy. Also, the in-depth Keyword research is done to identify the potential keywords for your website, based on which the competitive analysis is done and the SEO audit is done considering both on-site and off-site factors.


After performing research and analysis we develop the core action plan and strategies on which we will work to achieve the stated SEO objectives. This phase will include the formulation of a plan for On-page optimization, Off-page optimization as well as a content marketing strategy that is required for your website. This action plan is then followed and act as the foundation stone of our progress analysis.


For any strategy to become successful, it is a prominent task to start working on the place from where the whole business operates i.e. Website. We start with technical optimization which includes changing overall website code, canonical tags, internal links, meta description to boost your company visibility on SERP. We also modify your website content in order to incorporate targeted keywords and to map them according to content strategy.


Well, any SEO strategy is incomplete without the proper implementation of off-page optimization. We at Clone Softech believe in providing your website backlinks from the website which are both relevant and trustworthy for your site. We analyze every backlink that is coming to your site and will disallow any low authority backlink as it can hurt your online presence and hence can get you penalized.


As there is a saying in the digital marketing landscape that “Content is the true King”. We at Clone Softtech believe the same and work critically on the creation of unique content for your website as well as for social media by using relevant keywords, which can lead to your content go viral. We assist in creating content that will attract and convert potential users into customers.


At Clone Softech we believe in transparency and provide our clients with every detail of work that we are doing for them. We regularly track and analyze our results, generate reports and present them in front of you so you can make the necessary future improvements. We generate the reports on monthly, quarterly as well as on annually basis, which will provide you with insights into the overall campaign performance.



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We don’t just let you Rank, we Increase your ROI

Many times our prospective clients complain about the SEO agencies with whom they were working before as they don’t help them to get the desired conversions even after getting ranked on most of their targeted search terms. However, they don’t know that getting found on the search and converting your users into your customers are two different things. Eventually, it requires the team of professional SEO experts to make sure that your users are not leaving without getting converted into potential customers. Our team of SEO experts has done the in-depth research on why most of the SEO companies fail to convert the user into the buyer. By our research, we have found various technical things that correlate with conversions, as these things are needed to be performed consistently so the SEO expertise is required to perform it and hence, failing in just one step can make you start from the scratch.

Earmarking Relevant Traffic

If your site is failing in converting your visitors into leads, it could be because that your site is not relevant for them and they are not interested in what you are doing. At, Clone Softech, we strongly believe in doing niche based traffic targeting that can result in the solid conversion.

User Interface Optimization

Well if you want to increase the User Experience on your website, it’s very important to design it in such a way that it can improve the user interface and hence improving the conversions. In our SEO services, we believe in making your website visually appealing by profession web designing services.

Marketing with Killer Content

As it is always said and proven that content is the king and we are the king maker! At Clone Softech, we believe in getting high-quality backlinks for your website by doing the effective guest posting and creating relevant content. Hence creating organic backlinks which will lead to increasing conversions.

Calculation of ROI

Well, SEO requires a plethora of hard work, creative planning, deep research, experiments, and cost. But as soon as you will start coming on search engine people will start reaching you and you will become a brand in the digital landscape. Now, you can just sit back and calculate your ROI.